For a long time now Blue Tongue's trades division has offered professional floor trades installers with an ABN access to quality products at substantial savings. We now extend these inside deals to you, the general public. Carpets, vinyls, timber, laminates - infact our entire range of not only floor stock but ALL of our order in lines. Top of the range, huge variety & all at great value for money prices. 

HOW ? - Come in & choose your floor covering from our extensive range. Now just pay for your product & confirm the delivery dates. This process may not be for everyone but it is a great way to save some dollars, especially on either very large or very small jobs.

WHY ? - During the course of a normal retail sale there can be an enormous amount of our time taken up with admin & project management - quoting, paperwork, phone calls, etc. This trades system is a simple cash & carry sale. This enables us to cut our profit margins back to the bone. Basically, far less profit but far less work. Hopefully a WIN - WIN.

SAVE $$$ - Come & see us for more information but as a rule you will save money, time & sanity when dealing with us.

Extras - We of course also supply a great range of quality underlays and all the flooring trims, adhesives & accessories needed to give your new floor a complete professional finish on any DIY job.

Not for you ? - If it all seems too hard then use our regular retail system. We can take you by the hand & lead you through the whole process with as little stress as humanly possible - I promise !

Our Layers - I have been an installer on the peninsula for over 40 years and have witnessed, first hand the best & the worst the floorcovering industry (and it's work force) has to offer. It is even worse now with large hardware chains selling carpet & hiring the absolute dregs in the trade for their "cheap" installations. Our hand picked list of layers is very, very small - BUT - very, very good ! A lot of qualities make up a true professional - not only skill, attention to detail & a good work ethic, but reliability, presentation, attitude, honesty & hopefully a sense of humour.

I am sure there may be other talented layers that are not on our list, but some, maybe for good reason. A few of my oldest work associates have recently been culled from our list because of problems with reliability or over charging. Be sure this list is, and will always be constantly monitored and in my humble opinion ,our installers are the best of the best. That is what we want & I am sure that is what you also want.





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