Our new upper level, 45 sq / mtr timber display floor can show you just how good a floor can look !! 

Hard floor coverings like laminate and timber can look stunning but with poor preparation or workmanship they can be expensive mistakes. Our hand picked team of highly skilled and fully qualified tradespeople will ensure a joyous smile every time. Our range of Premium/Quickstep laminate and floating timber floors are now internationally recognised as the best of the best. We also carry a select range of other brands all on display. Come in and browse through our new showroom to see just how good a new floor can look.

We can give you a 10 - 20 year warranty on timber laminated floors fitted by us. If you want to do it yourself that's OK too. Just ask and we can set you up ready to go. There is even an instructional video to make it easy.

NEW - We also now have a truly amazing range of "Uniclic" floating timber, hybrid, laminate, cork and vinyl flooring products. If you are of the opinion that nothing looks or feels like a "real" timber floor you are in for a big surprise. Premium has just released it's latest range of Impressive laminate floors which combines a relolutionary leap in construction & design with a simply amazing look and feel with NONE of the inherent problems of a regular timber floor.

The "real thing" just got a whole lot better at Blue Tongue - Where else?

Check out our New Products page for other great timber ideas including a 100% waterproof laminate & vinyl.

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