Some "other services" should be considered as standard procedure but sadly are not at most flooring outlets. Take for example your "free" measure and quote. Nothing is really free. What do you get ? - usually nothing more than a price (if your lucky) from the contract estimator as they were leaving after sprinting though your home waving a tape measure or from the salesperson who phoned to ask you how you would like to pay.

What you should get is information, advice, support and alternatives. Where are the joins ? Which direction is it running and why? Could it be done with less carpet? Which type of underlay is best for this job? Will a different style of carpet like sisal, change things? These and many more questions should be discussed and answered. They will be with us so you can make truly, informed choices. It's called service. Sometimes the only way to change things is from the inside.

What about Vinyl's or Timber, Hybrids, Stone & Laminate floors - that's a whole new mine field of confusing information. Let us help you step by step. It is not hard to tell the truth - you just have to want to.

We can give a fully written and explained estimation on anything from your pride and joy holiday home to a block of units.

A full overlocking & binding service is available as well as many unique edge finishes.

If you can't find the right colour carpet anywhere then we can have even a room size custom matched to your desire. Custom or matching rugs and runners with borders can also be made to your specifications.

Building and renovating can be a stressful experience without good tradespeople on the job. At Blue Tongue we have a select referral group of services and trades that are all local, trustworthy and personally known to us.

Remember if you need any floorcovering whether inside or out, for land or sea, just call in and see us. If we can't help you we will point you in the direction of someone who can.


Luxury Vinyl Planks & Tiles

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Timber Laminates Hybrids

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Our new upper level, 45 sq / mtr timber display floor can show yo...



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